I’ve put off launching this blog long enough.  I’m not a blogophile, but I think I can write and will try to make this an enjoyable read.

In my role as 2008 President of the Traverse Area Association of Realtors, I was recently asked to comment on what I see happening in the region’s residential real estate market for 2008.  Here’s what I said:

“I expect the condition of the real estate industry for 2008 to be challenging for sellers and agents, with those who are most dedicated and motivated coming out on top.  Sale prices and numbers of sales in the region will likely be flat to slightly down, and the market will be rife with opportunity for buyers.  As Boomers look toward retirement our region will continue to benefit and likely outperform most markets in the state.  If we see a turn around in the Southern Michigan real estate market in 2008, I expect we’ll see increased traffic in our area as sellers from those markets become buyers in ours.”


Well, there’s a start!