I wrote an offer today on a house that’s listed for $19,900.  While it is beat up, it still is a house, on 1.2 acres, for $19,900.  As my friend Jesse said…”that’s like buying a car!” and it got me thinking.  The last time I sold a house in this price range was about 6 years ago, and that was a single wide mobile on a tiny lot in Thompsonville.  Don’t take this to mean that we’re back to pre 2001 levels across the board, but there are some great deals out there.

 So good, in fact, that Tammy and I are talking about selling our house.  We know we won’t net out what we might have hoped not long ago, but it’s all relative.  There are deals available that I’m having trouble passing on, and so we can make it up on a purchase.

 Word is starting to get out, and the really good deals don’t last for long before they’re snapped up. 

 I read an interesting analysis comparing and contrasting the foreclosure issue in Michigan and Ohio to that in California and Florida.  Here’s that article.